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The Making of a Shoppe!

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My wonderful friend, Leanne, is beginning an AMAZING ADVENTURE!

Creative Wings Art Shoppe

Oh, my friends . . . this has been such a whirlwind few weeks! We signed our lease on September 16th for the Creative Wings Art Shoppe, and haven’t stopped moving since! WE ARE A BUSINESS!! From filing all the business paperwork to ordering furniture and painting . . . we are well on our way! We have learned so much the past few months, it is amazing. Lots of stories to share, for sure. But for now, we will leave you with just a few photos from the store as we continue to make it “just perfect”!


Just LOVE our Shoppe Fairy!


Oh, how I can’t wait to get it all together!

Be back soon with more updates! Mark your calendars for 11/1/2016 and for our ribbon cutting and GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION on 11/12/2016!!!

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